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Frequently asked questions:
Who needs welding procedures?
Code work requires written welding procedures. This is generally found in bid documents, structural drawings general notes, and the job specifications. They show your customer that you have the ability to perform the welding work. A copy should always be kept near the ongoing work as these are the welders instructions.

What is a WPS?
A WPS is a "Welding Procedure Specification" or "Welding Procedure" as it is commonly called. It contains the combination of variables used to make a certain weld. This includes the process (SMAW, FCAW etc.), the electrode type, electrical characteristics, base metal used, preheat and interpass temperatures, travel speed and position, post weld heat treatment, shielding gas and flow rate, and the type of joint being welded.

What does Pre-Qualified mean?
Welding codes sometimes require a qualification process (by testing) for certain welding procedures so the contractor can demonstrate to the engineer/owner that he fully understands what has to be done. Pre-Qualified Welding Procedures use known variables that have a long history of making a sound weld and require no testing. A written procedure is required in both cases. Weldingprocedures.com carefully reviews the code requirements to insure that our procedures meet the Pre- Qualified status. If the work you are doing requires testing, we will let you know what you need to do.

What is a PQR?
A PQR is a "Procedure Qualification Record". This form is used when a welding procedure is qualified by testing. A WPS "Welding Procedure Specification" is also used and the two documents reference each other. The WPS describes how the weld was made and the PQR describes what testing was used to qualify the weld using a welding code guidelines such as AWS D1.1. If the weld is "Pre-Qualified" by meeting the requirements of a code, then no PQR is needed.

What is a CWI?
The American Welding Society has an inspector certification program for welding inspectors. An inspector who has the required experience and passes the AWS exam becomes a "Certified Welding Inspector" or CWI. For more information on this program contact AWS.
Call American Welding Society at 800-334-9353 or mail them at 550 N.W. LeJeune Road - Miami, FL 33126.

How do I pay for my procedure?
When we email you your procedure we will include a link to ProPay (our card service). This is your bill. Simply click the link to log on to their secure site to make you payment with any credit card.

Online Welding Procedure Specifications for AWS compliance